Services We Offer

AC takes pride in being an expert in doing in situ maintenance for cabin repair on the frontline and also to carry out workshop item repair at a professional level.


On site/In situ Line Maintenance Repair

  • Precaution is taken care of other area not involved with the repair by protecting the area.
  • Attention of repair is given to the damaged area without disturbing adjacent area.
  • Even with in situ maintenance, a spray style of painting is carried out.

Close up on repair carried out by AC on a pen damaged cover which will be a permanent stain if not cleaned within 48 hours.


One of the task AC specialised is in restoring galley trolley cart, which for an airline is frequently used in any imaginable way. Thus taking quite a beating. AC will provide the cost saving solution by restoring this galley trolley cart.


AC provides solutions for any item or component that is beyond economic repair by other competitors by repairing them. Thus reducing significant costs.


AC also provides professional workshop repair (painting/fibreglass) for any component with repair quality that can be compare to the OEM. 


AC has the capability to present the best quality painting of cover or panels compared to other competitors by using tested paints.


AC has the capability to adapt to the customer needs by adapting and customising the product to what is required or needed by the customer.


All the Repairs:

  • Are for Non-Structural Components
  • Do not affect Flight Operations
  • Are with FAR 25.853 complied Materials  
  • Are in accordance with Capability List
  • Are Primarily for Passenger Comforts & Cosmetics Assist to avoid Installing New Components to Old Aircraft & THUS Will Reduce Maintenance Cost










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